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Lucky Necklace

Lucky Necklace

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Why Lucky? I've always associated the number 7 with luck. That might be because of a song from the 80s, i don't know but i've felt that way about 7 for as long as i can remember, It created my love for odd numbers which i find perfectly balanced as with odd numbers, there's something in the middle instead of negative space as with even numbers. My fascination for the number 7 & 80s style jewelry birthed the lucky necklace.

Made out of recycled 14k yellow gold balls that i flattened with a hammer, the focal piece is connected like a bit of a jigsaw & linked to a 1.5mm cable chain finished with a lobster clasp. Necklace is set with 3 1.5mm fancy colored diamonds, 1 1.5mm pink color change sapphire, 1 1.75mm emerald, 1 2mm pink tourmaline & 1 2mm tanzanite. 

Chain length is 17 inches.

Pieces may vary slightly. Please allow 1-2 weeks for necklace to be made and shipped. Message for different length.

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